Now that you have joined Tinder, there are a lot of sexy singles waiting for you to chat up. However, before you start chatting with them, you need first to understand what to do in order to successfully make match. There are some tips about what’s best and worst things to say on Tinder that you need to know.

Tinder is a very popular dating app where you can possibly meet datable guys and gals, however, steering what you shouldn’t and should say on this dating app can be very tricky. Fortunately, we’ve got your back completely covered. Here are the worst and best things you shouldn’t or should be using on Tinder.

The key to start off successfully on Tinder is good first impression. Once both of you are comfortable with each other, you can possible take your conversation offline by setting up a date in person. So how can you possibly get on to this stage? Follow these hookup guides.

• Never give your personal information – You need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t give out any of your personal information to just anyone you meet online even if your conversation is naturally flowing. You can only give your personal information once you’ve met and vetted them in person.

• Ask about what the person thinks of someone or something – this is a neutral way to start a conversation and get to know somebody. If you noticed that the person has a favorite TV show or artist posted on her or his profile, bring it up as a great way to start your conversation.

• Don’t say you accidentally swept to the left – Don’t be rude even if you are not feeling someone.

• Be honest if you are not interested into the person – Be straightforward, but not rude. If you are not interest in him or her, give the person an honest and clean answer that is not mean-spirited.

• Don’t say you are so hot – Don’t ever try to start the conversation with being too sexual or commenting sexually on someone’s appearance. It is very creepy and most likely turns them off.

• Do say that his/her travel pictures are cool and ask him/him about what’s his/her favorite trip so far – A simple and short comment on something posted in their profile that caught your interest is a great way to show that you’re interested in getting to know more about her/him.

• Don’t just say hi – Instead of just saying hi, try at very least to ask how it is going. If you ask a person a question, then most probably they will give you a response.

• Ask how are you – Keep it as casual as possible. Anything that will read as over the top or too desperate might only send off the other person. You need to treat every conversation like how you would interact with friend – positive and friendly, but in relaxed way.

• Don’t hold someone’s attention with a long-winded or lengthy intro. Just keep it sweet and short.

• Ask the person to meet for a cup of coffee – After you have been talking or chatting for a while and both of your feel comfortable with each other, suggest for a quick meet-up or date to see if you can possibly further your relationship.

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