After a night out at the clubs and bars, single men and women may find themselves taking a new friend home. While the random occasional hook-up is nothing new, there are some advices that you need to take in order to completely play random hook-ups safe.

First and foremost, you should not bring home just anyone who can possible make you uncomfortable. Even the kindest gal or guy at the club may not be who they actually seem, so it is best to have a lot of conversation first to be share before moving home and taking things hot and pleasurable. In addition to that, always make sure that you friends are aware whom you are leaving with from the club or bar, and always make your emergency contact number ready just in case you found yourself in an undesirable situation.

In terms of safety, you also need to ensure that you’re prepared to have a safe casual sex encounter, especially if you expect that things will go that way. Always be mindful that you need to protect yourself from any sexually transmitted disease or infections wisely, but the importance of having a safe sex is even much greater when you are not aware or knowledgeable with your hook-up’s sexual history or medical background.

In addition to that, openly talking about having sex with your soon to be sexual partner is a very good idea. In this way, you will make sure that both of you are on similar page and have the idea where the meeting is heading to. You have to set up very clear and defined boundaries in order for you and your partner to get what you really desire and neither of you will do something both of you dislike.

After the casual sex or hook up, you may find it somewhat awkward to tell your partner to leave or what he or she wants to do or if they desire to hightail it and you wish they would stay. The best thing you can possibly do is to make sure to minimize the drama. If you’d like to spend your time alone after the hook up, it would be best to tell them in a very friendly and straightforward manner. If you would prefer them to stick around for more cuddling or another round of sizzling hot sex, tell it to them and be sure to make them feel really welcomed. However, if your partner decided to move on or leave you place, don’t be offended and make them leave your place peacefully and quietly.

If you want to enjoy your single life and hook up with many single boys or girls as much as possible, you have to take these advices seriously. These can help you practice hook up in a very safe way and protect yourself from possible danger of getting STD’s or being cornered in a very undesirable or uncomfortable situation. It doesn’t really hurt to follow these advices than to feel sorry later.

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