A Guide for Being the Best Hookup

Aug 21, 2021 | Hookup Advices

Hooking up is no longer a taboo these days because people have learned to liberate their minds and bodies to fit these modern times. These days, there is no need to keep one’s self in control if he or she actually has the hots for another – who is clearly has the hots for him or her as well. With this kind of mentality, people are able to live their lives to the fullest and net of the guilt of casually getting physical with another without the blessing of marriage. Add in the accessibility of online dating sites that are designed for hookups and you get a life where you can experience sensuality and sexuality to the fullest.

Still, even with the availability of every hookup at an arm’s length, not all are above average. There are dull hookups because of incompatibilities and other factors affecting the activity. Thus a guide for being the best hookup is necessary. Below is a list of guides that will turn a dull hookup to a momentum.

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1. Be prepared. You don’t have to limited by your insecurity, so always turn up ready for anything that may happen. Make sure you are physically and orally clean so as for you not to worry about how you smell or if you are wearing the best undies when you bring home the party. Also, there are moments when being hot is unstoppable and you just have to live the moment than feel sorry.

2. Bring protection. Protection is something that you should live with when you are amenable to hookups. There are times that touching and oral sex is not enough and you just want to go all the way. Give in to your body’s yearning, just make sure that you have a protection handy. This will help take all the worries away and just be in the moment, exploring your bodies and the pleasure of what they can offer.

3. Be a host. Hookups are actually dangerous, but that is where the thrill is. But if you really want something so good, you should take the party home where the two of you can live the moment to the fullest. By hosting a hookup in your place, you can enjoy the hot date and casual sex all through the night without any inhibition. You are in your place where you are safe getting naked and getting down and pump the night away.

4. Be a “sensitive” guest. If your partner is taking you home for a hot sex because the groping and oral sex just won’t satisfy the greedy need to be one, then make sure that you don’t stay the night. But in the event the pumping and thrusting left you exhausted and need to recharge if only a bit, then get up early to give your partner the space for his or her routine. If you are satisfied, leave a number.

5. Gloat of what transpired. There is no need to walk in shame for releasing some body fluids throughout the long night. Live the moment and feel good about it.

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So that’s it and… Good luck!  😉