Hookups aren’t the scariest of things. In fact, it is a casual thing that a lot of interesting people do because they live their lives to the fullest. If you wanted to be happy and keep the commitments to the minimum then hooking up with another individual who is as interesting as you is the best solution. But how does one start hooking up or at least finding another one who is willing to have a casual physical connection with you? You can do this with class with the help of the 5 quick tips for a classy hookup below.

1. Live the moment. Once you decided to get involved with a hookup activity, live the character. You can’t be one if you will continue grinding possibilities in your head. Just live the moment and be an awesome person who is willing to share a night or more with another spirited person. Go with the flow and live the moment. Share the laughs and silly things that dating couples do, only that there is no commitment yet – just two person having the time of their life and feeling great about it.

2. Be ready all the time. Hookups aren’t planned all the time. You might go out for a coffee or a movie and suddenly somebody becomes interested to live the moment with you which you might accept. If this happens, you wanted to be at the best of yourself. You got to have the perfect underwear to showoff, fresh breath, and all the good stuff. You are in luck if you are hosting because you can prep but still, it is best to be prepared all the time because who knows when luck knocks?

3. Protection is king. Hooking up is hot and you have to give in before you are sorry – or sored for the missed opportunity with a hot guy or lady. You don’t want to be sorry for other things though, so be sure to have a protection in your bag or your wallet. This way, if your hot bud doesn’t have one or forgot to prepare for a hot hookup with you, you have something to spare. Both of you will really be glad for that.

4. Host and be a good one. If you want safer hookups, there is nothing better than being in your own place. By being in your own place, you don’t have to worry about being at home in someone else’ home as well as all those scary things that leads to scandals. Host a night of party for two, savor the hot moments, and live with the memories.

5. Be a guest and be a good one. If the night has to be in your hookup date’s place, make sure that you are a good guest. You don’t have to spend the night actually in their bed but if you do, make sure that you get up early and be on your way – unless you are a clingy psycho.

These 5 quick tips for a classy hookup will surely help you live your life without regret and shame.

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