There is no shame in hooking up online because it is a feeling that requires attention. If it is reciprocated then this validates the normality of the activity. But how can one be sure that he or she will be successful in the endeavor? The simple answer is to ensure that they know how to flirt subtly. Below are 10 tips for successful flirting when hooking up online to learn from:

1. Start by being everyone’s friend. You don’t have to be blunt that you want to get down and naughty with someone as this might scare some interesting hookup potentials away. But you can be friendly and get them to like you first.

2. Chill. There is no need to rush things up to get a hookup date or two. Chill because everyone loves that kind of approach, especially in having commitments even if this is just a hookup. Who knows, this might be a start of a better relationship that started from a supposed one night stand.

3. Nonchalantly point out a connection. A genuine connection with a person will get that person thinking about possibilities so nonchalantly, start pointing out genuine connections with those you are having interest with. If they can get to the speed, they will get to the bottom of this and the two of you will be in a hot moment together in no time.

4. Drop a physical commitment. Let them know that you are noticing their physical attributes. Some people love it when they get praises of how trimmed and toned they are or how beautiful or handsome they look. Start dropping comments that will get their attention to your direction.

5. Identify opportunities in their responses. You will know if you are getting to them by the way they respond or what their responses are, so be very watchful for hints. If they are giving away signals then you can start making suggestions of meetups with concrete plans as to the venue and time.

6. Use seductive pics. Give them signals that you have the hots for them, or you are just hot by sending or trading pictures with the people you are interested in. Make sure that the pictures you are sending are sexy and seductive which gives them the idea that you are ready for a hookup or looking for a hookup.

7. Return a compliment with a suggestive question. If you are getting a remark about how sexy or masculine you are, the best way to respond is to try them to talk about their own physique or better yet a picture of their bod. In that case, you have just made a home run.

8. Suggest a meeting with time and venue. Plan ahead when you think of meeting up so all they have to say is yes.

9. Ask for number. Get them to give you their number so you can give them a ring or message directly on their personal line.

10. Suggest some interests and hobbies that you know you two share. Suggesting that the two of you are a pair made in heaven bear fruits so make sure to know some interests and hobbies and dropping them as your own.

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